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End user license definition:
In relation to an academic institution, an employee, current student or full faculty member of that institution and any persons who are not employees, current students, or faculty members of the institution but who are permitted to access the institution’s information services from computer terminals located in the institution’s library facilities on an occasional basis (“Walk-In Users”). For the avoidance of doubt, remote access to the Content Services by Walk-In Users is not permitted.



During the Term, in relation to each Content Service for which an End User is licensed, such End User may:

2.2.1. access, download and/or print reasonable amounts of Content as required for his or her own work use and Client’s internal purposes; and

2.2.2. include insubstantial portions of Content in internal documents that are the property of Client, provided that such documents are for Client’s internal use only, or distribute insubstantial portions of Content to third parties as incidental samples for illustrative or demonstration purposes only.

2.3. In each instance where an End User is reproducing any portion of the Content, such End User shall duly acknowledge the source of such Content and include the following notice where the Content is reproduced: “This material is reproduced under a license from Thomson Reuters. You may not copy or re-distribute this material in whole or in part without the written consent of the Scientific business of Thomson Reuters.”

2.4. For the purpose of clause 2.2, an “insubstantial portion” of Content means an amount of Content which: (i) has no independent commercial value; and (ii) could not be used by the recipient as a substitute for any Content Service (or a substantial part of it) provided by TR or its Affiliates.


3.1. Except as otherwise authorized by TR or permitted under the Supplemental Terms at the end of this Schedule, Client undertakes not to, and to ensure that End Users will not:

3.1.1. use, copy, adapt, translate, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, sub-license, sell or distribute any portion of a Content Service or any Content other than to the extent that they are expressly licensed to do so under the Agreement or as otherwise expressly permitted by law, where such rights cannot be modified by agreement;

3.1.2. allow any non-End Users to access any Content Service or Content, except as expressly permitted in clause 2.2.

3.1.3. (i) create derivative databases or other works whether using all or some of the Content; or (ii) otherwise use any Content Service (or any portion or derivation of the Content) in any other product or service;

3.1.4. use any Content Service, directly or indirectly, on a time sharing basis, or to provide services for any third party, except as otherwise permitted on the Cover Sheet;

3.1.5. use "web crawlers" or other types of software or hardware technology to automatically download or index Content from any Content Service;

3.1.6. disclose the Login Details to any third party or allow any third party to use the Login Details to access a Content Service (whether on an End User’s behalf or otherwise);

3.1.7. (i) create a denial of service, hack into, make unauthorized modifications of or otherwise impede any Content Service, whether by the use of malware or otherwise; or (ii) intercept the communications of others using a Content Service or falsify the origin of Client's or an End User’s (as applicable) communications or attempt to do any of the foregoing;

3.1.8 use a Content Service (i) for any illegal or injurious purpose; (ii) to publish, post, distribute, receive or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene or other unlawful material; or (iii) to threaten, harass, stalk, spam, abuse or otherwise violate the legal rights (including, without limitation, rights of privacy and publicity) of others; or

3.1.9. TR does not take any responsibility for the use a Content Service for any medical diagnosis or treatment purpose.

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