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Art & Science I-II-III-IV-VII, Life Science


Authorized Users:  Includes individuals who are affiliated with an Institution, including, as applicable: currently enrolled students (including distance education students), on an ad hoc basis, researchers and lecturers affiliated and/or visiting under the terms of an agreement with the Institution, full and part-time staff, on-site users physically present and authorized to be on the Institution's premises ("Walk-In Users"), and, for Institutions that participate in JSTOR’s Alumni Access Program for an additional fee, individuals who have earned a degree, namely a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, medical degree or their equivalent, from the Institutional Licensee.  

Teaching and Research Purposes: these are purposes linked to education, teaching, remote teaching, independent study and institutional research activities performed within the framework of agreements and contracts by an Institution’s Authorized Users.JSTOR Terms and Conditions of Use: Those Terms and Conditions of use for JSTOR that appear on the JSTOR site as may be amended for time to time, or that are otherwise provided to and binding on Subscriber, the Institution or to Authorized Users by JSTOR attached hereto


3.1. Authorized use

Each authorized user may, provided they abide by the restrictions in Section 3.2 herein:

a)       access, search, browse and view Subscribed Content;

b)       download, print, make electronic copies and store discreet portions (“Extracts”) of the Subscribed Content (articles, parts of books, images, tables, groups of data) and/or metadata that describes them;

c)       incorporate links to Extracts on the Subscriber’s Intranet or Internet sites;

d)       insert links to Extracts in electronic course materials packets, lecture notes and automated course management systems for use in relation to training courses offered by the Subscriber, including those provided remotely;

e)       incorporate Extracts of Subscribed Content in hard-copy or electronic format in assignments and portfolios, theses and dissertations (“academic works”), including reproductions of academic works for personal use and for desposit with libraries, including hard-copy and electronic reproductions of academic works that may be provided to the sponsors of said academic works for use within the Institution with which the relevant Authorized User is affiliated. Each article must clearly indicate the source, providing the title and copyright holder;

f)        view, download and print Extracts for internal marketing, potentially for testing and for training Authorized Users;

g)       perform “Text mining/data mining” activities (TDM) solely for educational and research purposes only using JSTOR’s Data for Research service as further detailed in the JSTOR Terms and Conditions of Use;

h)       provide Extracts to other Authorized Users and to colleagues at other Institutions on an ad hoc basis for their own non-commercial educational and scientific research activities not in a manner that would substitute for direct access to the Content via services offered by JSTOR;

i)         publish on personal websites and in the Institutions’ open-access archives, at a minimum the post-print version of the relevant user’s own articles (which reflect edits made during the course of the peer review process), and make them available via open access, including for the purpose of fulfilling obligations under research contracts, regulations of their Institutions and in accordance with the restrictions imposed by legal provisions with any applicable permission from the publisher and other applicable rights holders;

j)         save and/or store in perpetuity metadata that have been used to create a link to the full article in electronic archives managed by the Subscriber and/or by an Authorized User on a secure network. Access and use of said archives is limited to Authorized Users;

k)       use individual Extracts as a source of materials to meet Document Delivery needs, so long as: 1) the loan request comes from a library, and 2) the requested Extract is sent to the requesting library by the Subscriber by mail or fax or in electronic format, with the electronic copy destroyed after printing, using document delivery software such as Ariel® or NILDE and the Extract is not of a volume that would substitute for a subscription to the Content.

3.2. Limitations on use of subscribed products

a)       summarize, modify, translate or create derivative works based on subscribed products without the prior written consent of JSTOR, except as necessary to make them visible on the computer screens of Authorized Users;

b)       remove, block or modify in any way any indication of copyright, other notes or liability exclusions as they appear in the subscribed services and Content;

c)       use robots, spiders, crawlers or other automatic download programs, algorithms or devices that allow ongoing and systematic searching, capturing, extracting, inserting deep links, indexing or compromising the function of the JSTOR server(s) or any third-party server(s) being used or accessed in connection with JSTOR,;

d)       reproduce, store or redistribute in a substantial or systematic way the Subscribed Content.

e)       use or authorize the use of the JSTOR Platform or Content for commercial purposes or gains, including charging a fee-for-service for the use of JSTOR beyond reasonable printing or administrative costs. For purposes of clarification, “commercial purposes or gains” shall not include research whose end-use is commercial in nature.

f)        attempt to override, circumvent, or disable any encryption features or software protections employed in the JSTOR Platform;

g)        undertake coordinated or systematic activity between or among two or more individuals and/or entities that, in the aggregate, constitutes downloading and/or distributing a significant portion of the Content; or

h)       incorporate Content into an unrestricted database or website, except as provided in 3.1(j) above;

i)       systematically print out or download Content to stock or replace print holdings; 

j)       download or print, or attempt to download or print an entire issue of a journal or substantial portions of the entire run of a journal, except for the specific case in which the complete contents of a journal issue or a substantial portion of Content (e.g. a series of scholarly essays) is relevant to the particular research; or 

k)       reproduce or distribute Content in bulk, such as the inclusion of Content including portions of Content (e.g., Book chapters, individual articles and/or journal issues) or Content in course packs, electronic reserves, repositories, or organizational intranets (but see Section 3.1(d) above)


l)        make any use, display, performance, reproduction, or distribution that exceeds or violates the terms of this Agreement or the JSTOR Terms and Conditions of Use. 

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